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  • It’s a pleasure to communicate and share ideas with Green.Click. All our work proceeds smoothly. The tasks we set the team are always done on time. But the reason why I recommend them to everyone is the results!
    Kiril Chendev
    E-commerce manager, Aquaphor Bulgaria

  • We’ve been working with Green.Click for a few months now, after starting in 2021. Since they are proficient in effective advertising on various markets and in different niches, they guide us on our marketing materials for specific platforms so we can get the most out of each one.
    Martin Panayotov

  • We run an online pet store. We had tried to run ads in Google Ads on our own and spent quite a bit of money over a few months with no effect on the number of orders or turnover. Green.Click managed to persuade us that if the profile were structured professionally, the ads would be sure to succeed and we thought we’d try them out. The effect was immediate – we boosted our turnover by three times with very little investment! I’m really satisfied with the service the agency provides and the way they work. I’d strongly recommend them if you want to advertise on Google.
    Doroteya Aleksieva
    Marketing manager,

  • Green.Click is our one-stop shop for all online marketing activities. Their young, well-educated and enterprising team opened up new doors to us for potential customers. By giving us ideas for developing our business, they practically became part and parcel of our company. The most important thing is that our work together generated results which can be seen in our ever-increasing orders.
    Dimitar Yorgov

  • Green.Click has a team of first-class specialists you can trust your business with to make it stand out from all the rest. It’s a pleasure to work with them. They contact us with new ideas for adverts and marketing campaigns. Well done to the whole team!
    Stoyan Yordanov
    Owner, and

  • I want to express my real satisfaction about working with Green.Click. By constantly increasing our sales and traffic (not only in the online shop but in our physical store), the team was able to overcome our skepticism towards advertising in Google Ads and Facebook. What made a really strong impression on me was that no matter the time of day, we could always rely on their speed and efficiency regarding the various issues we had and the new ways they gave us of boosting our sales.
    Nedyalko Angelov

  • We started working with Green.Click after someone recommended them to us as we had a serious issue – a lack of growth in our online sales. The team is focused on understanding our specific business objectives, achieving them and building on our success. I’m thankful for our work together and the progress we’ve made thanks to them!
    Taner Ali

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Team Green.Click