Petnetshop is one of the most well-known pet shops in Bulgaria. Their 30 years of experience and efforts to provide customers with high-quality products puts them in the top 5 of their branch. They opened an online store in 2014 to keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

The Challenge

In spite of its established place on the market, the team at PetNetShop realized that selling products online was quite different to selling them physically and had no experience in doing so. Google Ads was the first channel they made use of. Since they didn’t have any qualified staff to use it, the results were unsatisfactory. They began looking for a partner to take over responsibility for online advertising and came across our company. Their aim was clear – to improve the performance of their adverts in Google Ads.

The Solution

We gave our client a free consultation, where we got to know their company and looked in detail at the state of their advertising operations. We found gaps in the structure of the advertising account and innovations on the platform had been completely overlooked. We looked into the various audiences for each product category and ways of targeting each one. By renewing the structure of the advertising account we boosted our competitiveness vis-à-vis other players on the market. To achieve optimal results, it was really important to track and optimize the different campaigns.

The Results

Increased turnover
Increase in traffic

We had tried to make adverts in Google Ads on our own and wasted quite a bit of money over a few months without any effect on the number of orders and turnover. Green.Click was able to convince us that if our profile were structured professionally the advert would be sure to succeed and we decided to trust. The effect was immediate; we raised our turnover by three times in the first month with minimal investment. I’m really satisfied with the services the agency offers and the way they work. I would highly recommend them to anyone who want to place adverts in Google.
Dorotea Aleksieva

Marketing manager at Petnetshop

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