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The company deals with the sale of spare parts for agricultural and construction equipment and forklifts. Dozens of popular brands can be found in the pages of its catalogue with over 300,000 products delivered to customers in Bulgaria. The business places high emphasis on its online presence and has entrusted all its digital marketing operations to Green.Click for over 3 years now

The Challenge

For years, the focus in digital marketing has been on sales, mainly geared towards new customers. As with most online businesses in Bulgaria, marketing initiatives for customers who’d already purchased products were lacking and we needed to find ways to boost their loyalty. The owner wanted to change all of that. It was also impossible to turn that particular category of customers into a specific audience as the website is not an online store and orders are made by telephone/Viber/contact form and all kinds of other forms of communication where customers were not required to provide additional contact information. So we had to find an alternative solution.

The Solution

The implementation was based on two main ideas: 1. we'll generate a campaign for all site visitors since we can’t only segment customers and 2. we'll announce a promotion during an active period when the market is expecting it, in this case before and during the Black Friday sales. We generated a secret promo code and only customers who had bought items during the year would receive a text massage to take advantage of the discount over a week. We set up a remarketing campaign with a short explanatory video. On the one hand, it told some of the customers to expect an SMS on a certain day and time with a secret promo code and on the other it encouraged the other visitors to become part of our client base within a certain time frame. We knew this approach was viable as some of the products are worth hundreds to several thousand BGN and a 20% reduction would be a very attractive deal for the consumer. We planned a budget to cover as many visitors as possible and showed them an ad once a day for 40 days.

The Results

Return on ad spend
Conversions from existing clients

Marketing campaigns

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For more than 3 years, Green.Click has been managing our digital marketing operations. We’ve fully delegated the task to them as their responsible approach gets us the results we want. They’re systematic in their approach and always strive to add value to the company using their knowledge and skills. I would recommend them to any aspiring business looking to boost its online presence.
Angel Vladimirov

Owner of Zeta-parts.com

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