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Cookie and Privacy Policy at Green.Click

We are serious about the processing and safekeeping of your data!
When you visit our website we collect information about you, which are being used to adapt and improve your experience of our website. Below you can read which types of informations are being collected and what the purpose is.


Privacy policy (GDPR)

We have updated our Privacy Policy to reflect the implementation of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and ensure a correct and safe processing of your data.

Green.Click collects personal information in a variety of different situations. We are very attentive to treating all personal information securely and confidentially.

This policy describes our protocol for processing the personal information we collect when you use our website, sign up for our newsletter (email), enter a contract with us, or contact us via our website, social medias or email.

Who is Responsible for the Data?

In accordance with the current GDPR, Green.Click is considered responsible for all personal information you submit to us. You can find our contact information below:

Green.Click Bulgaria
Triaditsa 5b, fl. 5, office 505
1000 Sofia
mob.: +359 885 315 364

Which Information do we Process?

Green.Click processes information which may be used to identify particular persons, among this our customers, contact persons and subscribers. The information includes standard information in form of identification information, and other standard personal information. We typically do not process sensitive personal information.

Purpose and Use

Green.Click limits our collection and processing of personal information to what is necessary for our purpose. The information will solely be used for the intended purpose, which the information was collected for.

When you contact us, we process your personal information to be able to handle your request and provide the customer support you are requesting. If you subscribe to our newsletter we use your contact info to send relevant news mails and invitations to our events.

Information concerning existing customers, former customers as well as persons we have been in touch with, is saved to the extent that we need this information in connection to keep our contractual obligations, optimizing products, services, improving user experience as well as marketing and in some cases profiling.

The information you submit to us via our website, e.g. if you order a performance check-up. We also register your behavior on our website, among this what you have clicked on. The data we collect about your behavior is compared to the information you submit when you use a service on our website.
We do this to optimize our website and improve marketing performance, among this showing relevant content on our website and the media where we promote our business, next time you visit on of those sites. By comparing data, we ensure that you will see relevant content on our own and other websites and platforms.

Physical Placement of Personal Information and Security

At Green.Click we register your personal information in our internal CRM. We limit the access to your information to coworkers, for whom your information is relevant, in order to protect your information.

Warranty for Processing Common Personal Information

The warranty for processing your information, and our methods for collecting information may contain of:

Consent for the registered party – either orally to a coworker at Green.Click or via opt-in on Green Click’s website.

When the information is necessary for us to fulfill contractual obligations with the registered party.

When our assessment of interests is that Green.Click has a legitimate interest in processing this information and the registered party has no significant interests which takes precedence.

When the relevant informations have already been published elsewhere by the registered party.

All personal information is routinely updated, and we routinely go through our systems with the purpose of evaluating which information should be maintained.

Deleting Information

We have an established set of procedures for deleting personal information. The period of storage is dependant on the purpose of processing the relevant information. This is due to information being deleted when Green.Click no longer has a purpose with processing the information.
The above mentioned means that we process personal information for use in sending newsmails, as long as you are subscribing to our newsletter.

If you unsubscribe, we immediately stop sending you newsletters, after which we delete the personal information you have submitted when signing up for our news service.

Your Rights

You also have an option of requesting insight into your personal information which we are processing, as well as a copy of your personal information, that we are storing.

If you perceive that we are processing wrongful or misleading information about you, you have a right to request that the information is corrected.
When receiving such a request, we will evaluate if if we need to limit the usage of your information while we assess if your information needs to be corrected. You also have the right to object against our processing of your information. If we receive an objection, we will estimate if we need to limit the processing of your information, while we evaluate your objection. In some cases you also have the right to get your personal information extradited on an electronically readable media (data portability).

Green.Click is in some cases obliged to deleting your personal information. This may be valid in case of a lack of purpose with processing your information, or if you withdraw your consent and we have no other reason for treating your data information. If you wish to request for us to delete your personal information or make use of one of the above rights, please contact us on this email:

No Disclosure of Information

We do not disclose information concerning customers or other contacts to our partners or other third party agents. We also do not transfer personal information or other information to partners in third countries (non-EU or EES countries).

Remarketing Lists

As part of the services we offer our customers, we sometimes process personal information on behalf of the customer. This may be in the form of ours customers’ customer information, which we process when we assist our customers in marketing their products.

In regard to the personal information we process on behalf of a customer, Green.Click is considered a data processor. Therefore we have drawn up a data processor agreement, which our customers may acquire from us.
We do not use or disclose any information concerning our customers’ customers for any other purpose than the concerned customers’ marketing.

It is however, the customers’ responsibility to ensure consent and valid reasons for processing the customer information which they entrust with Green.Click, including consent from the registered parties when necessary.


If you have any questions concerning how we process your personal information at Green.Click, please contact us on +359 885 315 364.


Our website uses cookies, which are text files saved on your computer, cell phone and other devices, with the purpose of recognizing your device, remembering settings and compiling statistics. Cookies do not contain any harmful content such as virus.

You can delete or block cookies. See here for instructions:

Our website contains cookies from third parties, which solely have the purpose of improving your experience on site and compiling statistics.

Personal Information

Personal information are all types of information which may be connected to you. When you use our website, we collect and process a variety of such information. This happens through ordinary access of content when you order an performance check-up or use our contact form.


Your information will not be published, disclosed or misused. Nor will it be used in any way which is in conflict with current law.


We use your information to identify you as a user. In addition we use the information to optimize our services and content.

Period of Storage

Information are being stored during the period which is permitted in concern with current law. We delete the information when it becomes superfluous. The period of time is dependent on the character of information and the reasons for storing the information. Hence it is not possible to set a given time frame for when we delete information.

Disclosing information

Data concerning your use of our website, which ads you receive and click, your geographical placement, gender, age group etc. will be disclosed to third parties to the extent that these information are known. We use third parties (such as Google Analytics and Albacross) for storage and processing of data. They only process information on behalf of Green.Click and are not permitted to use them for own purposes.
Disclosure of personal information such as name and email will only happen if you give your consent.

Details concerning Albacross

Type of cookie:
persistent cookie


client domain

Purpose and data stored:
Identify user, Identify user session

Expiration date:
After one year