Email marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective channels for one-to-one communication. Engage your audience with valuable content - automate, repeat and succeed.

Successful email strategies in action

We help you develop the strategy, set goals and execute them, in order to create synergy between all your marketing activities.

Results-based approach

Email is the medium where consumers prefer to receive their advertising. However, there are many examples of campaigns that do not perform. Therefore we use your data correctly to create the right email for your target group and ensure that customers only receive relevant emails at the right time.

Why choose Green.Click as your email marketing agency?

  • Individual approach - we use the right approach for the niche you’re operating in;
  • Complete solutions - you get a solution that works in tandem with your other marketing activities;
  • Optimization of the whole process - we track the overall performance of your email campaigns and constantly strive to enhance it.

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