Marketing Portfolio

We aim to turn each new project into a long-term partnership. Get to know some of those partners and their views on our collaboration together.
"Over the course of several years of collaboration, Green.Click has demonstrated their skills and dedication towards achieving our business objectives. Their expertise in creating and managing Google Ads campaigns has helped us improve brand recognition and understand the profile of our potential clients. The team's commitment to analyzing and optimizing our advertising campaigns has contributed to increasing our visibility, driving traffic to our website, and generating potential leads. We greatly value the ease and promptness of communication with them, as well as their readiness to respond in a timely manner to necessary changes. We appreciate their understanding of the specifics of our business and their ability to adapt the advertisements to our goals. The individual approach they provide is of great importance to us and sets them apart from other agencies."

Ivan Georgiev, CEO of Pontica Solutions

"Green.Click are the best team of professionals I’ve ever worked with. They’ve created an excellent website for me and manage my campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram. I highly recommend them to anyone running an online business. Thank you to the whole team!"
"It’s a pleasure to communicate and share ideas with Green.Click. All our work proceeds smoothly. The tasks we set the team are always done on time. But the reason why I recommend them to everyone is the results!"

Kiril Chendev, E-commerce manager at

"Green.Click is our one-stop shop for all online marketing activities. Their young, well-educated and enterprising team opened up new doors to us for potential customers. By giving us ideas for developing our business, they practically became part and parcel of our company. The most important thing is that our work together generated results which can be seen in our ever-increasing orders."

Dimitar Yorgov, Owner of

"We’ve been working with Green.Click for a few months now, after starting in 2021. Since they are proficient in effective advertising on various markets and in different niches, they guide us on our marketing materials for specific platforms so we can get the most out of each one."

Martin Panayotov, Owner of

"I want to express my real satisfaction about working with Green.Click. By constantly increasing our sales and traffic (not only in the online shop but in our physical store), the team was able to overcome our skepticism towards advertising in Google Ads and Facebook. What made a really strong impression on me was that no matter the time of day, we could always rely on their speed and efficiency regarding the various issues we had and the new ways they gave us of boosting our sales.”

Nediyalko Angelov, Owner of

"I’m the owner of 3 online stores based in Bulgaria, Romania and Germany. Green.Click has been running my advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google on the Bulgarian and Romanian markets for over 4 years. The results came in quick and fast. Sales increased by over 25% after the first month. We’re really happy with the professionalism and responsiveness of the whole team. We hope they’ll soon take on our advertising campaigns for the German market for our online store.”

Dimitar Dimitrov, Owner of and

"Green.Click is a reliable partner whom we’ve entrusted our business with for the fifth year running now. They treat it as if it were their own. They go the extra mile with the tasks we give them and all their new ideas for development – they really give our company extra value.”

Ruska Stoyanova, Owner of

“I want to express how satisfied I am with our company’s joint work with Green.Click. The team is highly professional and they know exactly what they’re doing, whether we’re working on campaigns on Google, Facebook or Instagram. What better proof than the results we’re getting for our company, including our growing number of customers and sales? I’m determined to keep our partnership going in future!”

Christomir Nikolov, Owner of

"We started working with Green.Click after someone recommended them to us as we had a serious issue – a lack of growth in our online sales. The team is focused on understanding our specific business objectives, achieving them and building on our success. I’m thankful for our work together and the progress we’ve made thanks to them!”

Taner Ali, Owner of

"Green.Click has a team of first-class specialists you can trust your business with to make it stand out from all the rest. It’s a pleasure to work with them. They contact us with new ideas for adverts and marketing campaigns. Well done to the whole team!”

Stoyan Yordanov, Owner of and

"I chose Green.Click about a year ago to manage our advertising campaigns in Google and Facebook and revamp our website. They won me over with their professional approach, positive energy and responsiveness to any issue I had. I’m always able to ask for advice for future campaigns and work out the best strategy with the team… I often recommend them to my business contacts who want to run successful online businesses. Thank you, Green.Click!"

Violeta Simova, Commercial director of

“We run an online pet store. We had tried to run ads in Google Ads on our own and spent quite a bit of money over a few months with no effect on the number of orders or turnover. Green.Click managed to persuade us that if the profile were structured professionally, the ads would be sure to succeed and we thought we’d try them out. The effect was immediate – we boosted our turnover by three times with very little investment! I’m really satisfied with the service the agency provides and the way they work. I’d strongly recommend them if you want to advertise on Google”.

Dorotea Aleksieva, Marketing manager at

"We’ve been producing and selling socks for over 10 years now. We were one of the first companies in Bulgaria with an online sock store, which we created in 2014. We wasted a few years choosing between the myriad firms to manage our advertising operations. We were often disappointed with the results. We met Green.Click in 2020 at the start of the pandemic and we needed a strong partner and agency to ensure we were well positioned online. Through recommendations from other satisfied customers we found reassurance that somebody was out there to look after our marketing operations. The results came just a few months later. I’m quite a critical and demanding person and admit I’m quite difficult to work with, but their team won me over. Always patient, they’re always there for us – they instantly respond to any new ideas we have with the right feedback.”

Lora Petricheva, Owner of

"Working with Green.Click is more than a pleasure for us! I’ll retell our story in brief. Because of the specific nature of our work and our strong requirements we had been looking a long time for a company to develop our website. This is when Green.Click was recommended to us. After revamping our website, they took over our marketing operations, which is when our business really started taking off. We’re in constant dialogue with Stefan and Simeon and are really happy with their responsiveness each and every time! A little after we’d completed the site and started advertising on the Bulgarian market, we decided to start selling abroad. Now we have 3 separate sites and sell in three different countries! We’re happy with our strong partnership and have recommended the company to our friends who are undergoing the same process.”

Ivelin Dardanov and Veronika Rangelova, Owners of

"We are extremely pleased with our partnership with Green.Click. Our multi-year collaboration spans across multiple projects and we can boldly say that we are one as a team, and like a family. We always receive full support and understanding. What we value the most however is the deep insight into all our processes - we have a dedicated person, who understands our brand, products and everything new we introduce in our store. The results are: high ROI, ease of working on all levels, thorough analysis, support, advice, service and understanding at all times. I have known Simon personally for many years. Besides my partner, he is also my friend. Simon, thank you for everything you do for us my friend! Thanks to the whole team! You have my loyalty and gratitude!"

Ruska Stoyanova, Manager at

“I want to express my sincere thanks to the whole team at Green.Click Bulgaria… Our work was completed on time and in accordance with the project specification. They always consider our views and provide their professional experience. We continue our work with them because of the excellent results we’ve obtained and we’ve started working on other projects with them. Without a doubt, I highly recommend Green.Click Bulgaria as a reliable and trustworthy partner”.

Yavor Genov, Owner at

"I want to express my sincere thanks to Green.Click Bulgaria for our joint work over 3 years now, notably in helping us develop and advertise our new website. They have a professional team of experts in the field. We’re happy with what we’ve achieved thus far and in such a short space of time. They boosted and optimized the traffic to our online store and improved the quality of our shop!”.

Vasil Razhankov, Owner of

"Green.Click has been managing our digital marketing for over 3 years now. We’ve handed the task over to them as their responsible approach brings us the right results. They’re consistent in their work with us and always strive to add value to our company using the knowledge and experience of the whole team. I’d warmly recommend them to any ambitious company looking to expand their online operations.”

Angel Vladimirov, Owner of

“After wasting a long time looking on the digital advertising market and not achieving the right results, we finally started working with Green.Click. The results were clearly to be seen. We communicate well with them, share ideas in real time and appreciate their responsiveness. We work together easily and productively. We’ve already begun recommending them to our friends.”

Rosalia Gutsova, Manager at