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Terms and conditions

We help our clients develop an attractive online business and maintain their improved position.

1: General

1.1 The general conditions apply to all interaction between Green Click Bulgaria, VAT number BG204061942 (from now on named “GC”) as seller and the customer (from now on named “ the buyer”). GC and the Buyer will collectively be referred to as “the Parties”.

1.2 Any agreement with GC about delivery happens on the basis of present terms and conditions which is binding for all agreements between every party and thereby overrides all agreements and practices that are against the conditions. That includes conditions developed and forwarded by the Buyer unless other terms explicitly appears of the by GC forwarded order confirmation.

1.3 The at any time applicable terms and conditions can be found at:

2: Contract

2.1 GC will not be committed to their offer no matter how it is designated before GC has sent their order confirmation. Until the order confirmation has come to the Buyer's knowledge GC is entitled to withdraw the offers forwarded by GC.

2.2 When the Buyer has received an order confirmation from GC and confirmed it the Buyer has accepted the by GC forwarded offers unless the Buyer beforehand and otherwise has accepted the offer.

2.3 Where the Buyer’s login information is required to fulfill the agreement, the login information must be forwarded to GC latest 8 days after the order confirmation is received.

GC gets full right of disposal over the Buyer’s account - including Google ads account - which implies that GC is entitled to disable access for other client managers.

2.4 In cases where the Buyer must select a campaign, the number and choices are reviewed by one of GC’s consultants. When the consultant and the Buyer agree on the number, the Buyer may not later require additional campaigns added.

3: Cancellation

3.1 For all SEO-packages there is a period of commitment of 6 months unless the Parties agreed on another period of commitment. Within the period of commitment it is not possible to cancel the agreement of both parties unless the Buyer defaults the present conditions.

3.2 There is a period of commitment of 6 months in all agreements on Google Ads unless the Parties have agreed on another commitment period. Within the period of commitment neither of the Parties are able to cancel the agreement unless the Buyer defaults the present conditions.

3.3 Regarding to other agreements with GC the period of commitment is described in the concerned offers. When the period of commitment is signed none of the involved Parties are allowed to cancel the period of the commitment.

3.4 If the Buyer wants to cancel the agreement with GC, the Buyer has to inform by email or phone to GC within one month before the period of commitment expires. If GC does not receive a cancellation on time the agreement will continue after the period of commitment. Afterward, the agreement can be cancelled by phone with one month's notice to the end of the month.

3.5 If there is not specified a period of commitment on an ongoing service both Parties are entitled to cancel the agreement with one month's notice to the end of the month.

4: Prices

4.1 All prices are stated excl. VAT and in USD.

4.2 GC is entitled to charge a setup fee.

4.3 GC is entitled to demand a separate fee for technical assistance in the installation of software, adjustments on the client's website and other technical assistance.

4.4 If, during the contract period or by conclusion of agreement, the price increases by suppliers who GC uses to fulfill the agreement with the Customer, the GC is entitled to adjust the price of such documented cost increases.

4.5 GC is entitled to charge the Buyer immediately, unless otherwise is agreed upon. The payment arrangements are provided on the invoice. GC is also entitled to demand a deposit of the Buyer if the agreement has a period of commitment or the price of the order exceeds 2000 USD excl. VAT.

5: Terms and conditions of payment

5.1 The payment of services to GC is done via a bank transfer from the Buyer.

5.2 The Buyer should use the bank information in the invoice that will be sent by GC.

6: Terms of delivery

6.1 Unless the Parties have agreed on a date of delivery, the delivery will happen in terms of the delivery times from potential subcontractor. If the Buyer did not receive the things that the parties agreed on within 60 days after the agreement started, the Buyer has the right to cancel the agreement, cf. section

6.2 By a successful delivery of services the Buyer cannot cancel the agreement in case of delay unless GC did not start the agreed work within 30 days after the seller received the order confirmation.

7: Force Majeure

7.1 GC cannot be hold liable for damages/will not be responsible for failure in performance, if GC can prove that it is due to an obstacle beyond their control like, without limitation, war, warlike conditions, riots, fire, strike, lockout, delayed or deficient delivery from subcontractors, hacker attacks, server breakdown, crash of electricity and crash of internet connection.

7.2 In that case, GC shall be entitled to extend the delivery time accordingly or to cancel the agreement. As soon as the obstacle has ceased, each of the Parties is obliged according to the agreement. If the obstacle lasts more than 3 months each of the Parties are entitled to cancel the agreement.

8: Inquiry and complaints

8.1 The Buyer is obliged to investigate the delivered immediately upon receipt and at the latest 8 days after the reception to complain about any defect. If the Buyer does not adhere to the stated deadlines, the Buyer will forfeit the right to make the defect applicable.

8.2 For ongoing services, the Buyer is refused to complain unless obvious defects are found.

9: Violation

9.1 If the Buyer significantly breaches the present terms and conditions and the breach is not remedied before 10 days after GC has forwarded a letter of formal notice about remedying the breach, GC is justified to cancel the agreement without undue delay.

9.2 As breach is considered but not limited to:

- 9.2.1. The Buyer’s failure to pay

- 9.2.2 The Buyer’s change of login information during the agreement period cf. 2.3

- 9.2.3 Other barriers that may be attributed to the Buyer and which prevent GC from fulfilling the agreement

9.3 If the Buyer materially breaches these terms, GC is in addition to terminating the agreement entitled to charge in accordance with the agreement being met. For ongoing services with a commitment period this implies that GC is entitled to charge for the entire commitment period, even though the period has not yet expired.

10: Limitation of liability

10.1 GC’s liability for damages is maximized to 10% of the invoice price of the wanting service, and GC can under no circumstances be held responsible for indirect losses such as operating losses, loss of profits, loss of data, loss of goodwill or other losses.

10.2 If GC uses a keyword in the customer’s campaigns or marketing material that constitutes a business feature or violates the Marketing Act or uses a keyword that otherwise violates a third party’s incorporeal rights, GC can not be held liable for damages.

10.3 GC is also entitled to change or discontinue campaigns that are in violation of good marketing practices, reasonable conduct or third parties’ incorporeal rights without further notice and without repayment.

11: Applicable law and arbitration

11.1 Any disputes arising from present terms and conditions shall be settled in accordance with Bulgarian law.

12: Marketing account

12.1 In case of termination or cancellation of the agreement, GC will let Google and Facebook Ads accounts be unchanged without pausing the activities unless the Buyer prior to termination has instructed GC in doing otherwise.